Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is Obama Dead Eyes reading my work?

Obama Dead Eyes evidently reads the New York Times and The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, according to snooze accounts.

That means that ODE may have actually read my recent WSJ letter on how humans have a right to ingest anything they wish to, including drugs.

Now, I say this only because ODE and the ODE-ettes (his staff, of course) have just decided that they are not going to pursue medical marijuana folks and even some folks in Seattle who are openly doing Mary-Jane in one district and some other stuff. And the ODE-ettes plan to focus more on prevention than on criminality concerning drugs.

So, my dear readers, is national policy being run by your humble antagonista?

Maybe? Maybe not?

Oh, hell, let's just admit it. I'm running this country!!

Just call me the Eminence Rouge, Blanc et Bleu.

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