Monday, September 21, 2009

With friends like Newt, who needs enemies?

The GOP is simply Liberal Light -- and equally less filling. I wrote the following letter to the Wall Street Journal a few minutes ago on a column by Newt Gingrich on (1) how there needs to be more freedom in health care, but (2) how the state has a duty to take care of everyone. Egads!

The brilliant, eloquent and driven Newt Gingrich exemplifies what is fatally wrong with the GOP: the failure to link capitalism with morality.

Mr. Gingrich’s most recent Journal column on a “growth vision for health reform” was typically incisive for three-quarters of its length on economics but then states in its penultimate graph that “no American should suffer … because of a lack of health care.” Indeed? What about those who lead destructive lifestyles and refuse to work?

He also states in the same graph that there should be a “safety net” that should be propped up by “state high-risk pools to ensure coverage for everyone.” He then has the unprincipled temerity to state that that is “the American way of reform.”

No, the American way of reform is to revert back to total individual rights, like our Founders did, and insist that government get the hell out of the way of individuals making health decisions, doctors making medical decisions, insurance companies making business decisions – and all of us deciding for ourselves whom we will deal with and how much we’ll pay – just like at Best Buy.

Mr. Gingrich and his coterie of mealy-mouth Republicans suffer from a severe case of modern altruism, and it is a disease that is killing this country’s liberty. Until they stop buying into the bankrupt liberal discussion of “altruistic utility” and begin promoting reform that touts the individual’s right for self-determination in all things health and otherwise (and stop believing they must follow inane “compassionate conservatism”), the GOP will continue to flounder, fiddle and fuss – and never be invited to a true Tea Party.

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