Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright designed studio for Ayn Rand

Until a few moments ago, I didn't know that Frank Lloyd Wright had designed a cottage studio for Ayn Rand at her request in 1946. Here it is. It's lovely -- and five stories high!

Ayn was living in NYC at the time and planned to have the studio built, but she later decided to stay in NY, nixing the plans. Too bad. What a great place it would've been to visit and possibly have as a tourist destination to see how Ayn lived and how she would've loved such a paean to her spirit. The design is now for sale at the Edward Cella Museum in Los Angeles. Wish I had the bucks. Here's what Ayn wrote to Wright about the design:

"The house you designed for me is
magnificent. I gasped when I saw it.
It is the particular kind of sculpture in
space which I love and which nobody
but you has ever been able to achieve.

“Most personally: Thank you for
the fountain. That was as if you had
autographed both my house and my book.
This house is one of the greatest rewards
an author can receive."

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