Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Now THIS is how you talk to a jackal ... er, Congressman

A young lady stood up at a town hall meeting in front of her jackal-congressman and gave a two-minute philosophical tongue-lashing and ended it with a goosebump, jump-out-of-the-chair flare. You've GOT to see this video, my friends.

As my friend Dan Puckett (who sent me this link) said: If only every American would do (and think) as this great American girl does!


Keith said...

Wow. I got goosebumps and tears. Courageous woman, a true American!

What's really telling is what the Congressman said at the end. "I-I can't accept a contribution like that." Wh-wh-what?!? It's not contribution, jackal. It's a challenge! She meant, "Rip the money from my reluctant hands physically, not through your pseudo-respectable regulations and tax forms. Stop pretending to be nice, and show the world who you really are."

Do not file this jackal's response under "Missing the point." It goes in, "Head so far up the ass he couldn't possibly have gotten the point."

David Elmore said...

Interesting you mention the "contribution" comment. My friend Dan and I exchanged several emails on the sarcastic use of that word by the congressman in his befuddled, lame "comeback." Shows his (and all of their) mindsets. They are completely incapable, literally, of understanding what liberty is anymore.