Thursday, September 10, 2009

The fight is coming

Dead Eyes and the rest of his Vandals want to make me buy insurance -- health, not auto, which government has already successfully coerced Americans into. The Vandals also seek to take more of my hard-earned money to hand out to losers. The Vandals are printing money faster than even their own jackals can take it away from those of us who live responsible lives, thereby causing inflation and reducing the already diminished power of my dollar.

At what point do I and the rest of the liberty lovers in America say, "It's time for a revolution"? For me, it's now, though it would be fruitless. There would have to be a critical mass of sentiment like mine that could conceivably topple the Vandals and intimidate the obsequious, licentious masses.

So, for the moment, we teach the liberty lovers why they need to revolt, and we teach those who may be liberty lovers why they need to revolt. And when we get enough of them on our side, we revolt. We then make America better than America ever was. We make it truly free. We make government our servants again instead of our masters.

The fight is coming.

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