Thursday, September 10, 2009

To the moon, Alice!!

It's long been my policy that if somebody's gonna steal from me, they had better at least use the loot wisely. Well, that's not exactly a "policy," but ...

So, if I had a choice between being robbed by government to the tune of $800 billion for welfare recipients (including Bank of America et al) or being robbed to the tune of $3 billion so NASA can make regular manned trips to the moon and Mars, then the latter gets my vote -- well, if I actually VOTED.

But not so, says the jackals (that's the "government," to you unwashed liberals), who, with their fearful leader, have poo-pooed any NASA plans for such an extraordinary sum -- which, by the way, is about equal to one day's debt by this formerly great country.

If my calculations are correct, for an extra $5 billion, we could rocket all the occupants of the White House and Congress to a base on the moon. That $5 billion would not pay for a protective dome in a vacuum bombarded by solar radiation. But then, look what the jackals did under their current dome. Doubt they need it.

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