Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Had to happen. Obama Dead Eyes is copying Hitler

I wrote the following letter to the Wall Street Journal on Dead Eyes' attempt to turn the brains of schoolchildren to the "nation" instead of their own individuality.

The main question I had when Barack Obama said he would talk directly to the schoolchildren of our country was this: “Why is the president of the United States talking to schoolchildren instead of doing the only job he has the privilege to do: protecting Americans?”

The primary objective of any proper government is two-fold: Keep citizens safe from the initiation of force or fraud and prosecute those who attempt to initiate force or fraud against us. There should be a complete separation of state and religion, economics (including health care), consumption, post office, roads and, yes, schooling.

When the line between state and any of the above is violated, you hear such slavish, guilt-ridden altruism directed at Americans as “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” or, in the case of Mr. Obama, “If you quit on school, you’re not quitting on yourself – you’re quitting on your country.”

Indeed? You’re not quitting on yourself? Your country is more important than your own education and your own happy, productive endeavors? If the citizens of this country ever needed an insight into our current commander-in-chief, they need look no further than his sentence above. Adolph Hitler understood perfectly that to breed a new generation of do-gooder nationalists who put country above their own happiness and life-goals, he must first indoctrinate the youth and place foremost in their minds the nation, not individuality. Our current leader understands, explicitly or subconsciously, that you first change philosophy – the body will later follow.

This country’s great Founders made some small mistakes in this regard, but they generally understood that the best government was that government which, to use a modern metaphor, acted like a good software program: non-intrusive, behind the scenes, essential, effective and protective. Our current president will have none of that. He’s a scene-stealing, in-your-face, ubiquitous Orwellian presence, who has now taken his statist message directly to those most vulnerable to his sacrificial-lamb ideology: our children.

He’s not stupid. I’ll grant him that.

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