Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Proof that the media do not count (double entendre meant)

The Tea Party folks that showed up in D.C. on Saturday numbered between 1 million and 2 million -- or just the tens of thousands, if you're in the media.

Capitol police have been handling such demonstrations for hundreds of years and they estimated the crowd at 1.2 million. ABC actually was one of the very few media outlets that was, for once, honest about something related to the liberty protests. ABC estimated the crowd at 1.5 million. Other estimates topped out at 2 million.

The modern media in America has completely swallowed the agenda of the early 20th century "progressives," who sought to cripple industry, capitalism and liberty, thus relegating the media to the position of eminence grise (gray eminence) -- the power behind the thrown, the unofficial advisor and propagator of the official socialistic line. They can be counted on to virtually never be objective and rational; they are the mouthpieces and (in the case of vermin like Paul Krugman) the intelligentsia giving rationale to authoritarian legislation.

To say the media are the bedfellows of fascists/socialists is to soil the metaphor. Let us say they are the accomplices, the henchmen, the bullies, the enablers.

Let us say that they are an essential point in the Axis of Evil: presidency, congress, media. They no longer count in the fight for liberty -- and they cannot count.

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