Friday, November 21, 2008

What goes around ... Part III (Christians)

For centuries, Christians have been telling society, through legislation (when it wasn't outright murdering people), what it can and cannot do.

In America, the Christians have accomplished the following list of rights violations:
(1) Stopped women from having hegemony over their bodies via abortion legislation
(2) Stopped blacks from having full rights
(3) Forced companies to stop "lewd" behavior in books, cinema, artwork, music, etc.
(4) Stopped contractual unions between homosexuals
(5) Given tax-free status to their mystic dwellings (they call them "churches")

The principle behind this assault on freedom is that individuals and companies do not own their own lives and property and are subject to coercive legislation. But occasionally this principle comes back to bite the religious in their self-righteous asses.

The private heterosexual Internet dating site eHarmony, which was started by an evangelical Christian, settled a lawsuit Wednesday in New Jersey and agreed to pay a fine and start letting homosexuals join its site. The suit was filed under the so-called Law Against Discrimination, and the gay plaintiff won.

Objectively, such sites should be allowed to pick and choose their members without any government intervention or coercion. But this onlooker has little sympathy for a man who is part of a group that daily oppresses millions of Americans through his corrupt and skeptical philosophy. Maybe the recent ironic justice will wipe the smug smile off the Christian's face.

Whatever goes around ... comes around.

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