Sunday, November 16, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way ...

A funny thing happened on the way to success with my new company, Ignite.

Not ONE of my closest friends has switched service over to my new company. I'm doing well at it with neighbors, family and acquaintances and have already exceeded quotas ahead of what's expected. But nary a longtime friend has changed their natural gas service with me.

Moreover, several of them haven't even emailed or phoned me about it when I've contacted them, out of respect for our relationship. I'm trying to save them hundreds of dollars each year on their gas bills - and, of course, make a few bucks myself. Zip. Zilch.

To be fair, one of my dear friends will be switching when she gets her next gas bill, so she can get the proper AGLC number off of it, so thank you, dear lady (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, DARLING :) ). And two friends got back with me to say they can't switch because they don't have gas service or are in an apartment complex that doesn't allow it. Thank you!

Besides the ones who have disappeared into the void, there are a few who didn't come on board because what I'm doing is a PYRAMID! In case you couldn't read that last word, I said PYRAMID!!!!! (Please read earlier post to get full David flavor on PYRAMIDS!)

While talking with another lady friend last night (whom I've known only a few months and is a customer), we tried speculating on the issue of why longtime friends don't help out friends who are trying to help them and make a few bucks. We had hypotheses, but I'm afraid it's still a puzzle wrapped in a riddle.

Perhaps one of those friends will enlighten me one day.

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