Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The monster's out of the closet

There's something more terrifying about the unseen monster when you're a child. If the bastard would just come out of the fricking closet already, then at least you could jump from under the covers and confront him with your Star Wars light sabre. If he laughs at your Scooby Do underwear, he's gonna get a stab to the gut. Touche!

And so election night is over. The monster is here. He's real. He has a name: Barack Obama. And so let the destruction begin. The dread is over. Smaller paychecks and fewer rights, we must endure and pronounce against. Now we KNOW what is here and to come. We know who to fight.

We've got the monster right where we want him: on TV -- right where we can poke him in one of those elephant ears with our light sabres.

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