Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bloody Friday

Black Friday became Bloody Friday at a New York Wal-Mart yesterday.

2,000 shoppers had lined up outside the store's doors by opening hour at 5 a.m. And then, as some poor Wal-Mart fool began to open the doors, the impatient, ravenous crowd broke through and rampaged over the stricken man, trampling him to death like a thundering pack of wildebeasts.

The man's co-workers vainly tried to help him, but they learned quickly that you do not rush headlong into a bargain-discount stampede. No shopper stopped to help. The animals dispersed throughout the store, leaving behind the bloody pulp that used to be a man.

If the sordid tale ended here, would that not be enough to turn your stomach at what America has become? There's more.

When the store announced that it would close down because of the employee's death, shoppers shouted in angry defiance and continued to shop. Oh, what inhumanity!

Police finally arrived and cleared out the store. But if I were police chief, every last one of the villains would be made to sit on the floor silently as I reviewed the store's video to find the exact culprits who stomped on the poor man and all those who witnessed the fatal beating and did nothing about it. I would play the video for them all to see, so that I might seek out one shred of shame. And then I would post the video to YouTube, so the world could testify to the identities of the murderers, who, if they ever got out of prison, would find no employer willing to employ them. Social ostracism.

Those animals would, at this very moment, be wearing stripes in a six-by-eight and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Perhaps that might be a lesson to the legions of other wildebeasts who inhabit our once-proud country.


mikepklake said...

Let it be known that this ignorant display of penny pinching cattle driven fuckheads tried to save a buck at the expense of a human life. After the police began clearing the store they also dealt with tantrums from these same animals about not being able to "cash in." The ones that showed no mercy for the "working for a living" dead human at the front door should also be thrown under the prison bus! Now, to add insult to injury their will be some christian that says we should forgive these people......and I just might..........after I shoot the christian....."FIRST!"

David Elmore said...

I'm glad you brought up the "working for a living" point, Mike. If these "cattle driven fuckheads" (as you succinctly put it) had any respect at all for themselves and the work that they do in their lives (if they work at all), they would've automatically respected the employee and obeyed his request for decorum.
But they don't. They are drones who work for the weekend and get no respect out of hard work or hard-working people.