Sunday, December 20, 2009

To hell with credit cards

In the last 14 months, my real estate business has been wiped out, leaving pennies in my biz account and credit card companies calling me several times a day.

During my business's hard times this last year, I was surviving and paying bills, but the credit card companies greatly reduced the limits on the cards while greatly increasing the interest rates -- at the very time that I needed capital to survive and weather the severe downturn, which was brought on by collusion between the card companies' banks and the federal government. When I professionally addressed each card company about the deleterious effects of their actions on my company's accounts, they each said they had no choice, even though I'd been a diligent card member with each company for anywhere from 5 to 12 years and made each tens of thousands in interest.

I moved out of my four-bedroom home and am now living in a home half the size with my daughter. Though I continue to help my franchisees with my real estate company, I have branched out into three other businesses that are still some time away from making me more money than just survival cash.

But I am determined to never use credit cards again as long as I live. I will do as my father did: buy with cash or not buy at all. I will not make a credit card company one more cent of interest as long as I live. I also will not buy a home or a car unless I can do so with cash because I do not wish to make one penny of interest money for the banks that screwed me, my business and many friends' businesses and lives. I see no way around having a bank account, unfortunately, and just stockpiling cash at home because one generally must have an account to pay bills, and it is too dangerous to keep cash at home, so I must, for the time being, allow my bank to make interest by investing my meager money in my bank account, but I will look for alternatives in the near future and have a few ideas.

I would hope that my fellow Americans would do the same and live simply by a debit card, drawing only upon cash already in an account, thereby strangling the credit-card companies and the lobbyists that suck the dicks of Congressmen.

It is a wonderful feeling to be free of the monsters. I also got rid of my health-insurance company 14 months ago and have saved $6,000 by doing so and staying fit. If Congress wishes to attempt to make me buy insurance, I will sue. I wish my fellow Americans would join me in a class action against such barbarism.

Cash or credit?

Cash, baby.

To hell with credit card companies, banks and health insurers. To hell with them all!!

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