Thursday, December 03, 2009

CEO pay in Obamerica

As some of my dear readers may have read lately in newspapers, top financial institutions that were awarded American taxpayer loot by the billions have had a difficult time finding and keeping CEOs since Oba-Mao's cabal of czars put limits on what the top officers at those institutions could make. And those institutions are showing abysmal stock results.

Of course, you read it here first months ago that that would happen. The loathesome Rank of America (called Bank of America in some circles) has now decided to pay back the $45 billion in loot to the Feds so it can set its own pay standards and finally attract top talent to make it profitable.

The recent news reveals much about the coercive pay-cap farce:

1) The job of top company officers is highly complex and deserving of equally high pay (see this article for an academic, but correct, take on the matter)

2) Government (and its fascist contributors) cannot objectively determine complexity and proper pay scales

3) Restricting objective pay standards precipitates "CEO flight" to companies with objective standards, thereby destroying the companies ruled by fascists

4) The Leftists will not learn from this mistake, just as they did not learn from history when implementing their fascist rules (Nazi Germany, The Great Depression, Soviet Union, all other fascist/socialists countries)

In fact, as we speak, the Lefties are no doubt preparing broadsides against Rank of America for paying back the loot so that it can pay "irresponsible sums of cash" to its new corporate chieftains.

And so it goes in Obamerica!

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