Monday, December 14, 2009

The bumming down of America

Obamao and his thugs (aka Congress and czars) now want to take your cellphones or cellphone texting away from you when you're behind the wheel. They want to force you to get insurance or pay for someone else's insurance. They want to make you pay for CO2 exhausted. They want a bigger peek inside your bank account. The demand that your children go to education camps and applaud the fearless leader, as you pay more in taxes to support the applause.

They want to ensure that you have fewer nice things to buy because they wish to strangle the people who make them: businesses. They announce what kind of lightbulbs they will let you buy. They wish to make you feel guilty for anything anti-green, including driving your car, running your mower, cutting down a tree, burning wood in your fireplace, keeping your thermostat too high, taking too many plane trips, not buying "green-sensitive" products. They will not let you buy food that they have not approved, even if you think it's better for you.

They will not let you take drugs that they don't approve of. They will not let you take your own life, if you wish. They will not let you pass on your hard-earned money to your loved ones if you earned too much. They demand that you "recycle" certain trash. They demand that you take batteries, oil and other products to far-off centers for "proper" disposal. They will not let you own your own mailbox or put a letter in a neighbor's mailbox (I got upbraided and mildly threatened recently for doing this by a mailman).

They will not let you own a gun unless they says it's OK. They will not let you kill lower animals unless they say it's OK. They will not let you buy fireworks or alcohol unless it is at an approved establishment. They will not let you do hard drugs.

Your children must wear a helmet when on a bicycle. You must wear a seatbelt in your car and "click it or ticket" (isn't that cute?). You cannot add on to your house or build your own house without a half-dozen government types telling you, "Hmm, well, OK, but be careful that you follow code and get a 'licensed' contractor." You cannot get licensed in virtually any practice without a government stamp of authenticity. You cannot have an open container of alcohol in your car, even if you haven't taken a sip.

You must have a concentration-camp number (called "Social Security") affixed to your birth, name and blood. You can't walk around naked if you feel like it (Eck, PENISES and VAGINAS!). You cannot have your children out during "school hours" unless you are a "legitimate" homeschooler. You cannot teach your children what you wish. You cannot cut down certain trees without permission. You cannot bury your pets or your relatives in the back yard for loving proximity. You must have your vehicle "registered" by the state. You must have your vehicle's exhaust checked by the state's minions. You must have a "driver's license" issued by the state. You must show this license at "checkpoints."

You must pay bribes (aka taxes) to the state or be sent to prison to be raped. You cannot withdraw or deposit more than $6,000 at a time or be flagged by the state. You must give your bribes to farmers, foreigners, drug addicts, people without houses, people without food, people with too many babies, people who are sick, people who are crippled, people who are old, people who are young, people without enough clothing, businesses who are too big to fail, businesses who are big at failure, people who own "clunkers."

You must pay tolls on roads long past being paid for. You must suffer through road construction taking four times the free-market time to repair or build. You must get insurance on your car even if you are a safe driver. You cannot start a business unless you have a license. You cannot have a business in your home unless you get a license. You cannot sell fruit at a fruit stand unless you get a license.

You must endure the politician's smile and handshake while he states profoundly that all of the above is for your own good. You cannot live an hour of your life without doing something that the politician tells you're not supposed to do or want to do. You must keep all or most of these rules in your head during every moment of your day to avoid fines, jail or prison. You now live under Big Brother. He is here. He is everywhere.

America is now for the bums.

And it is a bummer.

Life should be free, not risk-free. It should be ebullient, effervescent, self-determining, free of outside oversight, free to make mistakes, free to not make mistakes. Free of any thought whatsoever of improper influence or rules. Free of any sense of oppression or immoral punishment.

How I long for the land of the free. Our fellow ignorant citizens demand the politicians we now have. They are bumming down America. One of these days, we're gonna have to put a stop to it. And it may not be pretty, but we'll throw the bums out.

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