Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow, those Google guys know their sheeite

Ever since I added Google AdWords to my blog, I've noticed ads popping up on the subjects I've discussed. Amazing, that!

I guess it's supposed to be that way, but I figured my little ensconced place in the blog universe might be overlooked. Nope. Not with Google. Immediately after I wrote about sinusitis, ads for sinusitis remedies started appearing. And there've been ads on other subjects I wrote about: Michael Jackson, health care and Jane Austen. (feel free, my dear readers, to click on those ads AT ANY TIME and MAKE ME MONEY)

Interesting thing is that the health care ads have been mostly for people against health care, so Google may have a way to gauge intent. There have been a few ads for pro-government health care, and that is a genuine fright to see on MY BLOG SITE!

My friend Daniel Wahl and I discussed this last point, and we both agreed that the money we make off of the good ads and the objective information we're providing obviate great concern over the inappropriate ads, but it makes the bad ads no less frightful.

Anyway, those guys at Google know their sheeite!

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