Friday, November 27, 2009

Who are the real Robber Barons?

Just wrote the following letter to the editor to the Wall Street Journal, after the Journal wrote a good editorial explaining how Big Pharma (the giant pharmaceuticals) will rue their decision to join Obama Dead Eyes in his bid to take over health care.


Contrary to “progressive” propaganda for 150 years, the only Robber Barons in history have been governments. They are the coercive force, the monopoly and regulatory power, behind all confiscation of property, money and time of citizens. They are the Mafioso hooligans with an official police force behind all corrupt private endeavors by corporations to secure a captive audience (literally) and allegedly assured profits.

Without immoral government, no business could legally confiscate private property – and none would employ “lobbyists.” They are, figuratively, the Mephistopheles of big business and are an omnipresent temptation for immoral businessmen, including the railroad tycoons of 19th century America (with James J. Hill of the Great Northern Railway being one eminent exception).

Now Big Pharma, as the Journal points out, has joined the hooligans of Congress and the White House in a deal with the Robber Baron devil. Yes, Big Pharma will gets its comeuppance. But by then, innocent, healthy, responsible Americans will have suffered the indignity of another coercive collusion that amounts to grand larceny and an abridgement of individual liberty.

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