Sunday, November 22, 2009

The nouveau "addicts" and volition

Into your lexicon of drug addicts, alcohol addicts, gambling addicts, sex addicts, lying addicts and TV addicts, please add "car phone addicts."

Yes, they simply CAN'T put down their cell phone in the car -- and they "admit" that they must be forced to do so.

So says Dede Haskins, the fricking chief executive of a software company in Washington! She cannot personally alter her behavior, so she and others have signed up for something called ZoomSafer, a free service that uses her phone's GPS sensors to determine whether she's at driving speeds, and then disables her cell phone until she stops the car -- whether she likes the invisible nanny's decision or not.

How are we to have a revolution, folks, when even the chief executives of our country's businesses seek a personal Big Brother to suppress their irrationality, along with the government Big Brother they vote for? If ostensively efficacious individuals do not have a clear understanding of their own volition, reasoning powers and efficacy, then we cannot expect their indignation at intrusive government.

If they can relegate their behavior to "uncontrollable addiction" or "ADD" or whatever, then their minds are pure mush, and their wills are stuck in the mush, and they are obedient automatons marching to the currently fascist tunes.

And they to all this with a straight face, or worse, the superciliousness of the converted.

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