Thursday, November 26, 2009

Would you smile at a thief's party?

Obama Dead Eyes held a Thanksgiving dinner last night at the Ovum Office. The usual suspects scurried in: Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jennifer Hudson, Colin Powell, Nancy Pelosi, more ilk.

But what was most notable at the jackal's den was the names of some of the most conservative "leaders" of the GOP, including Louisiana phenom Gov. Bobby Jindal. He and his wife not only made an appearance, they smiled broadly and waved and danced -- in front of the man who is attempting to destroy America, in front of the man they allegedly despise, in front of the man who is committing one of the greatest grand larcenies in the history of great America.

There are Tea Party groups who are attempting to dislodge all 535 thieves in Congress from their free passes in the coming years and replace them with "regular people." One can't blame the Tea Partiers for their dreams when the world witnesses the incestuous shenanigans of so-called "leaders" such as Jindal and his GOP ilk.

How much more credibility would Jindal have had if he had turned down the Leftist invitation to make happy in front of the despot? How much can we trust our liberty in the hands of a governor-cum-president-in-waiting who dances and grins for the despot? Would you smile for a thief and murderer of liberty?

Me either. I'd beat him to a pulp and toss him in prison with the pedophiles.

Then I'd smile.

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