Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time to get the "public" out of education

The Wall Street Journal published a story yesterday in which it asked several "experts" what is needed to get American students on par with international students in math and science. They had the usual mundane responses ranging from Obama Dead Eyes is busy with other stuff and we need to pay math and science teachers more and blah blah blah. I wrote the following letter to the editor on the article:

The experts who commented in the “Why We’re Failing Math and Science” missed the boat on all counts.

The reason K-12 education in America is woefully behind its international counterparts is because of two things: anachronistic classes and propaganda. As many recent studies have pointed out, the information industry is leaping forward exponentially, with much of what is known and taught today expected to be outdated within 2 years (sort of Moore’s Law applied to high tech), so that math classes take students in a direction that 99% of them will never use, as opposed to more specific technology classes.

And students are being propagandized on global warming, recycling, environmentalism, welfare statism, economics, “social studies” and “giving back,” instead of learning about the original U.S. Constitution and the meaning of individual rights, as well as how to think independently with facts as their only guide to decision-making.

All of that said, the primary problem we have in America with childhood learning is that the “public” and its political representatives are in charge of what children learn, when they learn it, and how well they’ve allegedly learned it. The only solution to making America children more knowledgeable, more creative and better motivated than students in other countries is to exterminate “public education” and allow American education consumers to send their children to private trade schools with their well-honed curricula.

The result will be magnificently prepared and highly energized children becoming happy, productive individuals who can, then, read up on alleged global warming and the other issues and make their own informed decisions – that is, if they have the time to wade into such morasses while enjoying their fruitful lives.

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