Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fascist U.S. regime bans clove cigarettes

Good thing my ex doesn't smoke clove cigarettes anymore. She'd be pissed. The FDA (fascist druggie assholes) last week banned "flavored cigarettes" because, they said, they are targeted at children and allegedly get the children hooked. So, no more flavors of chocolate, clove, vanilla, etc. for teenagers -- or adults.

Agents for the fascists immediately began entering private tobacco shops and other "public" businesses and began interrogating them as to their products. In one tobacco shop in Mobile, AL, the agents told the owner that the ban included cigarillos like Black & Mild, and that the owner must cease all illicit selling of said product.

To call this latest intrusion part of the "nanny" state is simply too nice, too much of a euphemism. We must being calling all private intrusions (welfare, taxes, eminent domain, regulations, bans, etc.) what they really are: fascism.

When will you, my dear readers, have had enough of this? When will we rise up against this Orwellian autocracy?

Soon, I hope. Soon.

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Kelly Elmore said...

I do still smoke them on vacation, and I am pissed!