Friday, October 02, 2009

Former Prez Jimmy Carter DENIES racist comments

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Even though Jim Dandy was videotaped saying that the "negative environment" that we have today against Obama Dead Eyes is caused by racism, he says (on videotape again) that he actually didn't say that. If you've ever been around congenital liars, you'll be familiar with this bobble-headed hoodwink and his bullying pusillanimity with the interviewer.

Newsmax has put the two videos on one web page for you HERE. Watch the bottom one first all the way through (less than 2 minutes), including balls-sucking Bryan Matthews' quote of Jimmy Boy at the end. And then watch Cawtah's top video, which came later; he looks the interviewer directly in the eye and simply lies and insists (twice) that she read the transcript from the first interview. Like a good socialist girl, she backs off and even wishes the demi-Hitler a happy birthday.

This, my friends, is the face of evil. I live in the same city (Atlanta) as this eternal scoundrel, this malevolent mush-mouth, and they have named a boulevard after him, which is clogged most of the time. You can also see in the second video how his very-strange and perennially disheveled spouse (does her religion ban brushes?!) believes you and I should be paying for other people's health care.

I often wish there were a heaven and a hell based upon rational justice. If so, these two altruistic deadbeats would be cleaning the shit off of swine's testicles with their forked tongues until the universe collapses upon itself some billions of years down the road.

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