Friday, October 23, 2009

The federal health-care balloon hoax

The Lefty-controlled Congress and White house have untethered their silver, fascist balloon over America. On the side it reads: Free health care for the poor. Insurance for every American. Lower prices for all. Land of the free health care and home of the brave new world.

And the Lefties have shoved Truth and Liberty into the attic, though they say the two boys are inside the balloon.

Will someone please notify the Larimer County sheriff in Colorado that he's got 536 people in Washington D.C. to arrest, too? They are far more dangerous than a Reality TV charlatan who's made no claims to rip up the Constitution of the United States and hold Americans at gunpoint if they seek only their individual rights.

If the sheriff can find a jail big enough for the 536, may I suggest that he turn on the cameras? I will join millions of Americans with popcorn watching that Reality TV.

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