Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lowly and wretched Wal-Mart makes deal with Devil

Newspapers across America reported today that Wal-Mart has formerly backed Dead Eyes' demand that businesses across the country carry health insurance for their employees -- which would considerably raise the costs of business and therefore the costs of products for all of us, not to mention immorally intrude on a business's right to govern its own company. I wrote the following letter to the editor at the Wall Street Journal on the subject.

So Wal-Mart wants to make a deal with the devil on the immoral mandated health-insurance coverage by employers?

OK, from this second forward, I refuse to buy my daughter’s clothes or anything else at Wal-Mart. I am also driving in a few minutes to turn in my Business Plus card at Sam’s Club, where I purchased supplies for my small business.

After that, I’ll be emailing the 50+ businesses I work directly with to attempt to persuade them to do the same with any excrement that makes deals with fascists.

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