Tuesday, July 07, 2009

At least people are reading my blog -- even Crazies

I Googled my name and words related to my recent column on the eradication of "public schooling" and got a few tasty morsels, including this one: Blog Walk in Brain.

Hey, the worst thing than people talking bad about you is nobody noticing you, eh?

And on the topic of crazies, it recently was recommended to me to become a member of an unschooling group by "free thinkers." After one week of reading their posts on "syncretism" and other such mystical nonsense, I can only assume that "free" is referring to "free from rationality."

Man, are there ANY sane people out there? Hello?! Hello?! Some of these people make even Dead Eyes seem sane. ... Uh, OK, I get carried away sometimes.

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