Friday, July 31, 2009

Arrest the bastard already, will ya?!

All right, it's finally time to weigh in on Gates-Gate -- you know, the racist-lunatic "Harvard professor" (as the media adoringly name-plates him) ingrate who lashes out at cops doing their job protecting HIM and HIS residence.

Here's where the cops screwed up. They didn't arrest the bastard when he refused to show identification upon request at a house at which an apparent burglary was in progress. The cops, who had probable cause, shouldn't have waited for the whiny curmudgeon to berate them and shout epithets at them. They should've just handcuffed the bastard and charged him with obstructing an investigation. End of fucking subject.

I was talking with neighbor Chris this morning and I asked him, "What would you do if three cops showed up at your door and said that a burglary of your residence was reported and asked for ID?" Chris said, "I'd show 'em my ID."

Well, hell yes, and I would, too, and be grateful that the cops were trying to PROTECT my property. But not the chip-on-his-shoulder, race-obsessed HARVARD PROFESSOR who has steeped himself in "blackness" studies and institutions his whole career and has fallen for the white-liberal-guilt mantra of "you're special" and deserved to be treated "specially" and who is now a HARVARD PROFESSOR who is above the law and being treated like every other American in that situation.

This special breed of liberal elitist uses the usual shouting intimidation, the usual unctuous dismissiveness, the usual ad hominem bromides to make their interlocutors "submit." Thank goodness, the cop finally had the sense to hand-cuff the criminal and let him feel the cold steel of facts and proper justice.

The reaction of the soul-less Dead Eyes (that's "Obama" to you lackeys who haven't been reading these pages) was predictable. He was friend and defender of a blatant racist preacher for 20 years and has shown that "facts" is an ugly word. To paraphrase him in this macabre scenario: "I don't know the facts yet in this case, but the police acted stupidly." Um, yes, SOMEBODY acted stupidly (and with racism) in this case, but it was the guy in handcuffs and the zombie in the Ovum Office. We've know for a good while what lies behind the dead eyes. When the facts came back to bite Dead Eyes' scrawny, elitist ass, he apologized. Right? No, he danced around with the usual bureaucratic bullshit to avoid responsibility for his actions and decided to have a Booze Buddy summit to prove to the world that he's your buddy at the bar. He's your buddy, right?

And let's chat for a moment about the scoundrels that call themselves the media. How many articles on this subject did you read that stated that the three arresting officers were white, Hispanic and black? Huh. How about NONE. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. That was, um, not relevant. Turns out that the black officer is now saying that other blacks are furious at him for allegedly being an "Uncle Tom." For doing what, you might ask. For telling the TRUTH on what went down at HARVARD PROFESSOR's home.

Yep, racism is dead in this country now that we've got a mulatto in charge, right? Uhuh.

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