Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sieg heil to our newly "presidential" president

[The following letter was sent to the Wall Street Journal today in response to one of its top writers praising Obama for finally becoming "presidential" in bearing.]

Peggy Noonan does not usually do “vapid,” but her column on Barack Obama allegedly attaining the presidential aura was like reading a 1938 commentary that Hitler no longer acted like a corporal and was instead “presidential.”

The man who currently occupies the Oval Office is a Keynesian charlatan who, like nearly all Democratic presidents of the last 80 years, has never had a real job and has no respect for business, ingenuity, free markets and wealth-creation. He is not so much socialistic as he is fascistic. He seeks to run businesses by fiat, as Hitler did. He speaks of the “greater good,” as Hitler did. He speaks of sacrificing for the nation’s benefit, as Hitler did. He rewards the evil-doers, as Hitler did.

He is the prickly Patrician in Chief who commands silence by announcing “I won,” and speaks condescendingly to his citizens with phrases like “let me speak plainly on this,” as if we American yokels cannot understand anything unless the chiding Daddy Obama “speaks plainly.”

And so we have Ms. Noonan stealing a Bill Safire moment to inform us liberty-loving citizens that our new dictator has ascended to “presidential” status.

Sieg heil!

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