Monday, February 23, 2009

Nipples nipples nipples nipples NIPPLES!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't breastfeed (yes, that includes you guys, too) and haven't been following the Facebook fiasco, the online community with 270 million members has eliminated all photos from accounts in which women's NIPPLES are showing while breastfeeding.

Facebook says the photos fall under the rubric of "obscene, lewd or pornographic" content. Yes, we all know that little boy babies get erections when they see their mama's nipples and little baby girls become raging lesbians and that nipples themselves are simply lewd and obscene and turn all heterosexual men into voyeuristic felons.

Some homeschooling moms with a sense of irony and injustice found their photos removed recently in this puritanical crusade, so the moms posted photos of their husbands naked from the waist up with their NIPPLES in plain site. Facebook has not removed those photos and, of course, the perplexed moms have planted tongue firmly in cheek with comments belittling the double-standard, which of course is prevalent at the beach, on the street and everywhere else in America except "pornographic" places.

Facebook doesn't seem to be relaxing its policy, for fear that it will upset the ever-vigilant priss-police, so may I suggest to the nursing mothers that they put the photos back on their sites with the NIPPLES blurred out and over them simply type the words: Nipples nipples nipples nipples NIPPLES!

Yeah, baby.

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