Sunday, April 27, 2008

Government = Organized Crime

Can someone please tell me the difference between the Mafia and modern U.S. government?
The Mafia invades neighborhoods and demands money for "protection" and then doles out its leftover money to whoever it deems worthy of donations. The large part of the money is simply used to lead large Mafia lifestyles.
U.S. politicians rob us of our money, though they like to say that people vote for such atrocities, but those of us who realize it's a crime have no say against the tyranny of the majority (the eminence grise) and their tinpot chieftans. The government then doesn't protect us from terrorists. It doesn't protect us from itself when it comes to rob us or when it tells us what kind of business we can start and how to run it or when it demands that we be tagged with numbers (it calls them Social Security numbers) or when it demands that we register our cars and our guns or when it hands over our hard-earned dollars to whoever it deems worthy of OUR cash or when it tells us that we have to get permits to build our own homes or operate our boats or fly our airplanes or drive our cars or cut down our trees or have a parade or erect a sign or fish in a lake. Whatthefuckever!
Our Founding Fathers spent months studying Greek and Roman governments to prevent these very things from happening when the Fathers created the U.S. Constitution. They thought that a republic with a divided-powers government was the best vehicle for the protection of liberty. They were right, but they got one thing wrong: They didn't understand that liberty must be defined and that government should then be created to ensure that that definition is upheld. The definition of liberty is "the non-initiation of force in a society." This means that NOBODY, especially government, cannot initiate force against a citizen for any reason whatsoever. This kind of definition (and government obedience to it) would ensure that no such official organized crime would ever appear. The only way the government could survive would be by the voluntary giving of its citizens. Imagine how THAT would make the bastards toe the line -- if they knew they had to be objective and thoughtful about any decision they made to ensure that liberties were not violated so that they could get PAID! If we had objective government, I would gladly give it money to ensure that my liberties were safe-guarded, and I know that millions of other upright citizens would do the same.
The only way that U.S. citizens will ever understand, abide by and insist upon true liberty in America will be to understand objectively where individual rights come from, what morality means, what liberty really is and what the nature of the universe is (not mystical). And that means they'll need to read Ayn Rand ASAP for us to see anything resembling liberty in our lifetimes.
And so it goes ...

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