Monday, May 12, 2008

The suicide snickerers

A 52-year-old woman hanged herself with a nylon rope in a shed outside her mother's home in Tampa, FL, on May 1. She wasn't the usual suicidal victim who has ravaged his or her soul with bad philosophy and bad actions that finally lead to the inevitable. She owned her own business and had a vivacious personality, according to friends.
But it was her business that led to her death. More specifically, it's what the outside world in America thought about her business and her that led to her strangling herself all alone in a dark, damp place.
Her name was Deborah Jeane Palfrey. She was more widely known as the "D.C. Madame." She ran a "call-girl" ring, providing top-notch women to businessmen and prominent politicians -- a service that in a moral country would be perfectly moral and proper.
But not in this country, with its hideous religion and its two-faced puritanism. There are no doubt some of these hideous people who, at best, think Deborah got what she deserved, and others who, at worst, are quietly snickering over her fate.
Deborah was tried before a judge and jury and convicted on April 15. She faced five or six years in prison, according to sentencing guidelines.
But she wasn't having any of that.
She left suicide notes that police will not reveal publicly, but she said earlier that she "sure as heck" wasn't going to be going to federal prison.
She held true to her word, and America and its so-called justice system have no kind words for Deborah Jeane Palfrey.


wandering the world said...

I think it's so sad that anyone shoudl be so trapped that they feel that suicide is the only escape. Ms. Palfrey was a scapegoat for the "righteous" who may have used her services but decried her publicly. The hypocrisy runs deeper than most of us would care to know. It sickens me.

David Elmore said...

It sickens me, too, Wanda!

Thanks for commenting.