Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The F-word (Faith)

It would seem that if the most hated word in the English language is to represent the most abominable things and expressions, then that word should not relate to the glorious sexual act (only the faith-riddled puritans of religion could've made "fuck" a synonym for all things bad). It should relate to the most abominable thing that humans can do -- which is blanking out their rational minds and accepting what they are told and believing things without a spec of evidence.
Yes, that word is "faith."
There is no F-word or any other word in any language that equals this atrocity. It represents the human mind's submission to mysticism, to primitive tradition, to nothingness built on a foundation of fantasy. It represents madness in method. It represents human submission to an authority outside their own mind's supremacy and judgment.
The refusal to bind one's life and judgments to facts is the solitary reason for ALL of mankind's problems, and the F-word (faith) is the most prominent and predominant of these. All crime, all dishonesty, all injustice, all laziness, all credulity, all oppression, all bad ideas are directly related to irrationality and refusing to take responsibility for one's thoughts and actions on a minute-by-minute basis and a day-by-day basis, by refusing to integrate one's own nature to reality in career, by refusing to fully judge another's actions to form a complete judgment of character, by refusing to honor other humans' right to be left completely alone in their pursuit of happiness, by insisting on a government nanny state because of an acceptance of a nanny-dictator ghost that allegedly rules over people's lives.
The capacity that separates us from the lower animals is our rational mind, and the "faith-based" throw their mind at the feet of their alleged messiahs. What better reason to give new definition to the F-word?
So, from now on, if someone truly pisses you off, may I suggest that you give them the finger and say firmly, "Faith You."


wandering the world said...

That's a good one! "Faith You!" Personally, after a particularly rough history of math exam, I decided "Archimedes You" was appropriate. If we all started using different words in place of fuck, just think how quickly it would lose its punch! Nice blog!

David Elmore said...

Hey Wanda! thanks! Yeah, if we could just fill in the blank for "fuck," little kids could even start using the word after a while. Hope all is well with you.