Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ObaMa or Apple?

Two big events will occur today.

Event No. 1:
ObaMa will give a State of the Union address, in which he will tell Americans they have the right to be told what to do by him. He sees himself as a Big Mama, making Americans perpetual mama's boys succumbing to psychological pressure and castration. OmaMa is not an empty-nester. He's just empty.

Event No. 2:
Apple Inc. will announce the invention of their computer tablet, which experts think could revolutionize e-books and many other aspects of the computer industry, much like the iPhone revolutionized the cell-phone industry and iTunes revolutionized the music industry. My techie friend Chris and I cannot WAIT to see what Steve Jobs is going to say today and what the tablet will do!

Now, which of these two events gets YOU excited, my dear readers?

Whichever one you choose says everything about who you are. I certainly hope you picked Door No. 2.

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