Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple's iPad -- I MUST have it!

I bought a Kindle from Amazon a year ago, and I like it. It's OK-ish.

It's going on the Ebay auction block in three months or before!

After Steve Jobs' presentation of Apple's new iPad yesterday and checking it out HERE a few minutes ago, I simply MUST have the iPad! MUST ... HAVE ... IT!

It is a technological wonder and absolutely gorgeous. I'll be able to read my e-books with a backlight (Kindle doesn't have it), so I can read in bed or on an airplane or anyplace else with low or no light. I'll be able to read my Wall Street Journal and magazines with a real-look screen and simply move my fingers across the screen to turn pages. Wow!

I'll also be able to watch my movies on an amazing hi-def screen with 10 hours of battery time! I can listen to my music, surf the internet from anywhere in the world, manipulate photos, have a virtually real-size touch keyboard on screen for messaging or anything else.

Some critics are saying that most people, especially ones with iPhones and computers, simply aren't going to spend the money for the "tween" iPad. But if those people are like me, the critics are sorely mistaken. This is the kind of gadget I've been waiting for for 10 years, so I can do my reading, my video watching, my texting, my emailing, my music listening and my photo manipulation on just one device. It's revolutionary!

God, I love that Steve Jobs guy! Love him!!

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