Monday, September 01, 2008

Teaching by example -- even if it's bloody

I bought my daughter, Livy, a few new DVDs at the store the other day. After we got home, I had to take care of some business and got into a hurry opening up the DVDs (which only a sadist could've packaged). Instead of putting the DVD cases onto a counter and holding them properly while I was cutting off the wrapper and magnetic tape, I simply stood and tried to do the handiwork while standing with my left hand holding the case about midway up, instead of all the way down, like usual. The very sharp knife slipped and plowed into my forefinger of the hand holding the case, opening up a gash and causing blood to gush out. I cursed, mostly from being stupid than the pain.

Livy was sitting nearby and turned around.

"What happened, Daddy? You're bleeding."
"I can be blasted stupid sometimes, Livy. That's what the matter is."
"But you're bleeding bad. Lets' put a band-aid on it."
"OK, darling. Let's wait till it finishes bleeding first."
"How did that happen?"
(As I sopped up the blood in a paper towel, I explained where I put my hand and where I should've put my hand and where I should've rest the case to stabilize it.
"You should be more careful, daddy."
"I certainly should, love. I guarantee you that next time I will be. Knives are sharp, and I shouldn't have put my hand so close to the blade."
"Here's a big band-aid."
"Thanks, my baby!"

Lesson learned.

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