Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hemorrhoids for Philistines and charlatans

After reading a fascinating book called “The Myth of the Resurrection” and getting more curious about some historical aspects of religion, I found myself in an endless link-o-mania on Wikipedia (as has often happened), until I was reading about the so-called Arc of the Covenant of the Hebrews. I then learned that when the Philistines absconded with the Arc the second time (God must’ve been drunk again) that the people of the village of Ashdod “were smitten with hemorrhoids” for the theft and eventually gave the Arc back.

Now, aside from a hardy pat on the back to the Hebrew god for his obvious sense of humor when awakened drunk, I was wondering: Am I such an awful Objectivist to wish there were really a God whose only job would be to “smite” Obama and all politicians with the severest form of hemorrhoids every time they told a lie or tried to take our money or pass an irrational law? How lovely would it be to see Obama giving one of his unctuous speeches and right in the middle of one of his more detestable utterances, his rectum turns into an throbbing inferno amid copious spillage? Ah, how lovely life would be.

Have I gone too far with this? Huh? Oh, hell, I could go on …

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