Sunday, March 06, 2011

When nothing is something

The latest hubbub in Washington and the circle-jerk media is over a government shutdown if Republicans and Democrats can't agree on a 2011 budget. We've heard horror stories about welfare recipients not getting their checks, about regulators not getting paid to regulate, about forestry officials lacking funds to do forestry (whatever the hell that is), about highway projects coming to a halt, about stolen cash not making it by the billions to schools, etc.
To which I say, "My god, let's do a shutdown NOW. Hell, let's keep the government shut down!"
I have to say, I'm a bit embarrassed at having not thought of this whole shutdown thing before. Every year, the rat pack (that is, Congress) swarms around this time to figure out the right way to pick at the bones of the American cadaver.
"Who can we steal more from? Who can we give that loot to so that we can get more votes? How many pats on the back can I get for stealing from people in other states for boondoggles in my state?"
So, let's do a permanent shutdown, Americans. Nothing is better than something when criminals are in charge.

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