Sunday, March 06, 2011

C17H21NO4 and C7H8N4O2

The first formula in this blog post title is for cocaine, which derives from a plant: the coca.

The second formula is for the primary alkaloid of the cocoa plant (or tree), which is the primary ingredient in chocolate.

The government tells us we cannot ingest the first formula. The government gives us permission to ingest the second formula.

The Supreme Court of the United States (let's call them the "high court") is now deliberating seriously about whether some cocaine derivatives have enough C17H21NO4 to actually be illegal for human beings to ingest. I say "human beings" because certain insect larvae absolutely adore C17H21NO4 and ingest it with reckless abandon -- not doubt having unprotected sex and being altogether loopy and excited afterward, causing larvae traffic accidents and unwanted pregnancies.

The high court has no problem with larvae ingesting C17H21NO4, but not rational beings.

That tell you anything about where the high court believes we humans reside in the animal kingdom?

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