Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The IRS dressed as Lady Liberty

As I drive to my part-time job each day in Alpharetta, GA, Lady Liberty waves vigorously to me and other drivers.

She's dressed in that pale green dress, wearing a crown and holding a torch. She stands outside a tax preparer's office hearkening those who've been the victims of tax theft to come inside and review the amount of the theft -- for a price.

We are to pay Lady Liberty's employers our hard-earned money to discover how much liberty was stolen from us during the previous year. Irony, my friends, doesn't often come served so bounteously. The tax preparers, most likely, had some other intent in mind, but each day, as I see the muscular man inside the Lady Liberty costume wave at me, I'm reminded again that the tax preparer is preparing something in my mind far more dangerous than tax theft.

It is revolution.

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