Sunday, October 05, 2008

The wretch and the warrior

OK, I decided on Friday to learn how to program computers, so I could build my own web pages. So I bought a book for "Dummies" (that's me) on and grabbed some chow and went home to my computer. As I turned the music low and opened the book and laptop and began the first sentence, a loud wretched animal gutteral sound came from outside, over and over again every five seconds or so.

I thought it was a dying wild beast, but I was VERY comfortably ensconced in my cushy chair, so I resisted going for a peek. Plus, I figured the poor thing wished to die in solitary dignity, you know. Anyway, after a couple minutes of the agony, my curiosity pulled my butt off the chair. (My curiosity usually gets the best of my butt.)

Just like when you take your broken car to the mechanic and as soon as you get to the shop, the car stops being broken, I opened the door and the sound stopped. I figured I spooked the animal and turned to go inside, and then the noise broke again. But it came from the open window upstairs in the house across the street (the only house in a nice neighborhood in which the people are beasts, as luck would have it). As I listened from my porch, the rhythmic bellowings were obviously the sounds of some drunken or drug-laden man probably wallowing in his own vomitous dystopia. I stood silently, wondering if I would see an ambulance (there are five people living there and all the lights were on in the house, so I assumed someone would come to his aid, but evidently this is a common occurrence in chez bete).

I finally went back inside and put on my computer-programming warrior look and plowed into my new field, but my mind strode back to that moment when I was excited about my new, complex endeavor and pondered on the contrast in ideals between wretch and warrior.

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