Saturday, January 31, 2009

Progressive tax for "progressives"

Let's put the "progress" back in "progressive."

The so-called "progressives" think that people who work harder and make more money should pay much more taxes than the rest of mankind. They have the right idea about some people paying more than others, but it just needs a little tweaking.

Here's the solution. Mean people should pay more than nice people -- especially the mean people who insist on acting out their mean-ness. And who could be meaner than those who wish to punish Americans who get educated to use their mind more fully and fill their coffers more effectively and make America such an amazing engine of opportunity?

Short answer? Progressives. Long answer: Bottom-feeding, slack-jawed, mealy-mouthed Progressives.

So, yes, you've anticipated me, haven't you? Progressives are the meanest breed of scrotum scum on Earth and should pay "progressively" more taxes than nice people, according to how vehemently they hold their "progressive" mantra. How does such a thing get measured. Oh come on, it's easy. Just ask them what they think of CEO salaries and the wealthy having yachts. Then you measure the lip snarl's height and the amount of the contemptuous squint. Presto, rabid liberal progressive!

Think their progressively smaller bank accounts will make them any wiser and nicer anytime soon?

Nah, me either. But at least it'll be progress.

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