Sunday, February 10, 2008

Morning's Yellow Monster - (poem)

Terror fills the morning driver.
To Moon, for now, the Sun avers.
Belt buckle snaps, the heart races.
To first light, chilled car takes paces.
Nervous ear nears open window.
All’s quiet, no eternal foe.
Somewhere – out there – the yellow sloth
Devours young children like moths.
The stoplight is long; the toes tap.
Sweat breaks out between foot and cap.
It is the longest light ever.
In truth, forever and ever.
“Damn infernal government’s hide,
This beast, again, I must abide.”
But wait! Oh no, no! ‘Tis the sound!
Agony and heartbreak all ‘round.
“Please, light, turn green now! Please, oh dear!
Allow flight, give flow, let me steer!”
But no, infamous wretch stays red.
Here comes beast with its walking dead.
Jaundiced, lurching, belching devil,
Advancing at pace medieval.
It, of course, catches the light green,
Driver’s smirking grin too oft seen.
It’ll turn left – in front of me.
Oh woe, oh woe, oh woe is me!
At last, but too late, I see green,
But, in truth, am crimson in spleen.
I’m trapped again behind specter,
Trapped again in b’nighted sector.
Venomous thing halts for cargo,
Flashing reds, all prisoners know.
Breaks squeal, sign opens and doors notch
For listless prey with jeans at crotch.
But today, alas, I’ll have mettle.
Its doors closed, I hit the pedal.
With gusto and grin that lingers,
I give monster middle fingers.
Its haughty horn blares – and blares more,
For it thinks it belongs afore.
But not today, and this it knows.
Yes, I am free, and so it goes.
T’morrow it will early return.
My heart will ache and stomach churn.
But brave we must be, all of us,
'Gainst those two hated words: SCHOOL BUS.

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